TrueEB, Danielle, at Eric Benet Charlotte Performance

Eric Benet Performs in Charlotte, NC

Hello, Eric Benet fans!

I hope you are all doing well.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recap the Eric Benet June 10, 2016 performance at Club One in Charlotte, NC.

I was in the “Queen City” for my little cousin’s graduation. That Friday, I was hanging out with my aunt visiting friends and running errands. I told one of my aunt’s closest friends that I had planned on going to Club One. She told me to take care, being by myself.

At my aunt’s house I got ready for the performance and said a prayer. Even though I used the navigation on my phone to find the club, I still managed to get lost. At long last, I was there.

When I had called the phone number on the flier the lady who answered said the doors opened at 8:00 p.m. and the downstairs performing space opened at 10:00 p.m. The artists were supposed to perform between 11:00 & 1:00. She also said the cost was $30 to get in and $50 if you wanted to “jump the line”. When I got there it turned out to be only $10. It was Ladies’ Night. Sweet!

I arrived around 10:00, but they had changed the time to open downstairs to 10:30. So I bought a drink and waited. Finally, I went downstairs. There were V.I.P. places all around, but I didn’t have V.I.P. money, so I stayed in the middle. I found a place not far from the stage so I could get close when Eric came on.


It was past midnight, then all of a sudden, I saw Eric and his people come down and walk across the dance floor to the DJ’s station. I followed them. I kept tapping him on his arm to get his attention, but he didn’t look back to see me. I then moved to the stage.

The DJ’s booth was to the right of the stage, and Eric was sitting behind the DJ. I kept trying to get his attention to no avail. I told this nice lady that I was trying to get Eric’s attention. So she let me squeeze to the other side of her to get closer (See, southern hospitality). Someone tapped him for me, and I waved like a fool. He recognized me, and waved back. I blew him a kiss, and he blew me one back.

I saw the manager. I reminded him who I was and to let Eric know I was there. I asked him if I could get a picture with Eric later. He said yes.

Finally Eric came out on stage. The lady who had let me move closer to the DJ was shocked. She didn’t know Eric was supposed to perform that night. I reminded her that I said that Eric was behind the DJ. She said, “Yes, but I thought you just meant some random ‘Eric’. I didn’t know you meant ERIC BENET!” lol

Eric looked absolutely dreamy. He was wearing a cerulean blue suit, a midnight colored vest, and beautiful tan shoes. Blue is my favorite color, and I have always enjoyed Eric in blue. Does anybody remember him in the silky royal blue shirt from back in the day? Heavenly! But I digress. He only got to sing four songs: “Chocolate Legs”, “Sometimes, I Cry”, “You’re the Only One” and “Georgy Porgy”.

The crowd enjoyed the performance and sang along. Of course I could have wanted more, but I didn’t complain. I didn’t find out about this show until I was driving halfway to Charlotte. It was a pleasant surprise.


After the show, I waited for the manager to bring Eric down from the DJ booth, so we could take a picture. Eric came down and gave me a great hug. I tried to take a picture with my own camera, but it came out terrible. I was so embarrassed! Many of you who know me know how I often struggle with my camera. (It’s not my cameras. It’s me. It’s some kind of weird twist of fate because I grew up across town from KODAK, the film company. You would think I could have learned to take better pictures. Go figure.)

Luckily, the club hired a PROFESSIONAL photographer who took a good picture of the two of us. They left, then so did I. I saw the manager on the way out, gave him a hug, and walked to my car. It was such a positive experience.

~ TrueEB Danielle ~


TrueEBS Celebrate EB in Bethesda, MD


MAY 27, 2016


Eric and Sharon

The performance was off the chain. Gracing the audience front row, True Eric Benet Fans were lovely and brilliant in their support of four-time Grammy nominee Eric Benet‘s Bethesda performance. Eric turned out the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, leaving the venue with an alluring memory of his velvet voice and live charisma.



With the amazing vocals and beauty of his lyric support, Jessica Jolia.


And with the incredible instrumental fusion of his astounding band.


Eric Benet performed a nostalgic repertoire of his fan-favorites. And the audience went intensely and passionately wild. Eric’s vocals and magnetic delivery had the whole house gliding upon the alluring sound waves and the resounding ambiance of luscious tones and a fascinating voice range. Eric also performed “I Wanna Be Your Lover” in tribute to Prince.

In addition to absorbing vocals, Eric’s anecdotal introductions to each song kept the audience holding their sides with laughter. One comment, “Eric should do stand-up.”


Post-performance, TrueEBs took a day to do some sightseeing and reminisce about the previous night, within the musical magic of Eric Benet.

If you have not yet been to an Eric Benet performance, please treat yourself. It is an experience like none other.

EB and the TrueEBs

Find upcoming performances and venues on Eric Benet’s Official Website, under Events.

Eric Benet’s new single, “Sunshine,” – featuring daughter India Benet – is available on iTunes. Take a look, and listen to “Sunshine.

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May 24, 2016

May 13th R&B artist Eric Benet released “Sunshine“, the four-time Grammy nominee’s new single and introduction to his upcoming album to be released in the Fall of 2016.



The savory light of “Sunshine,” which Eric describes as a “reflective memory about a relationship that has lost its spark,” is available on iTunes and will be featured on his new album.* The single also features the hauntingly beautiful voice of Eric Benet’s daughter, India Benet**.

Experience the “Sunshine“:


Listen for “Sunshine” on your local radio station. 2016 is the year Eric Benet once again brings heart-warming music to the forefront with both single and Fall album releases.

To feel even more “Sunshine“, join Eric Benet’s New Official Websitewith great features, stimulating videos, and a cool fan forum!


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*Music Life Social – Eric Benet Announces New Album For The Fall And Previews New Single “Sunshine”

**Also featuring Jessica Jolia.



Friday, May 6th, 2016

From original article by KARE 11, Minneapolis | St. Paul, MN


LOS ANGELES –  With word and song the Prince public memorial Friday, May 6th, featured Stevie Wonder, Faith Evans, Eric BenetAloe Blacc, and more in tribute to the celebrity icon.

Prince la 2_1462658416134_2153692_ver1.0

Prince fans by the thousands packed the arena outside Los Angeles City Hall to applaud the imperial entertainer, as further artists of distinction performed songs from his vast music repertoire. The exuberant audience celebrated and memorialized the unexpected passing last month of the high-powered celebrity with cheers for performers and performances.



Thousands of Prince fans attend a tribute concert outside Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles, California on May 6, 2016. An estimated 5,000 formed a sea of purple and black listening to the sounds by various bands. One of his generation's most influential and prolific musicians, Prince died suddenly on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park estate outside Minneapolis. / AFP / FREDERIC J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Thousands of Prince fans attend a tribute concert outside Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles, California on May 6, 2016.
An estimated 5,000 formed a sea of purple and black listening to the sounds by various bands. One of his generation’s most influential and prolific musicians, Prince died suddenly on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park estate outside Minneapolis. / AFP / FREDERIC J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

KARE 11 Reported: Benet sang “Raspberry Beret,” Evans performed “I Feel for You” and Blacc sang “Diamonds and Pearls.”

Blacc said he admired Prince’s humanitarian work as much as his musical gifts.

“As popular and famous as he was, he was always still doing things unseen to make the world a better place,” he said.

“What an incredible life, music and legacy that he gave us,” Wonder told the crowd. “I think the only thing we can do in the spirit of Prince is to learn to truly love one another and come together. We can’t just talk about it we got to be about it.”





As previously shown and as only he can, Stevie Wonder closed the evening with a performance of “Purple Rain.”

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See original article: Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet, more honor Prince in Los Angeles

A True Eric Benet Weekend, TrueEBs and All

Ain’t no party like an EB party, cause . . . .

The Coliseum Austin, February 25


Music Hall at Fair Park Dallas, February 26

With Lyfe Jennings and Jon B.


Arena Theatre Houston, February 27


Eric Benet lit up stages and fans across Texas, as excited audiences breathed in the R&B virtuoso’s velvet tones.

The Performances, The Audience, The TrueEBs

A True Eric Benet Fan’s Austin Recap


Hello, fellow TrueEBs and EB fans. This will be a brief recap from the February 25th show in Austin, TX. I was visiting my aunt, and rented a car. She didn’t know where the venue, the Coliseum, was so I got a GPS to help me find it.

This was my first time ever driving in Texas. Whenever I went anywhere before, my aunts or cousin would drive me. I had wished that I could have told my mom.

Wouldn’t it be just my luck that the GPS didn’t know where it was either. Fortunately, my cell phone navigation is more reliable, but it took me on the toll roads. Not cool. So I got there about 7:30ish. The venue was supposed to open by 8:00 for a 9:00 show. They were late. We were standing out in the cold, yes I said cold! – even though it was Texas, for more than 40 min.

Finally, I got inside. I was shown to my seat. I noticed that there were 3 bars, so I got a drink. I went back to my seat, just chillin until the show started. TrueEB Chair, Patrina and I were texting each other about where we were and what we were doing.

Lyfe Jennings came out around 9:25. It seemed that many in the crowd liked him. I recognized his last song, “Must Be Nice”. Then there was a little wait time.

We heard Eric’s recorded verbal intro that says that he doesn’t do music. Music does him. Then he came out singing “Love Don’t Love Me” Jessica Jolia and Jonathan Richmond were there with him.

From memory, here’s EB’s set list. He sang “When You Think of Me”, “Chocolate Legs”, “Spend My Life With You”, “Sometimes I Cry”, “I Wanna Be Loved”, “News For You”(which he dedicated to the late Maurice White), “You’re the Only One”, and of course he ended with “Georgy Porgy”.

Eric invited the audience to come to the front of the stage and dance. As he sat on the edge of the stage, people gave him their phones and he took selfies of himself for them. They were so pleased.

Earlier, Eric had asked if he could get some scotch. Someone shouted that there wasn’t any. Then he asked for a beer. Eventually, someone brought him 2 drinks to the stage. Eric asked if there was any Bill Cosby in it. He was assured that there wasn’t. When the show was over. The audience encouraged Jonathan to get the other drink that Eric left. Jonathan also asked the Bill Cosby question.

Patrina passed out TrueEB bracelets to people who were standing around. I noticed that we both wore our metal TrueEB bracelets, fashioned by TrueEB Aileen.

Patrina spoke to Will, the stage manager, who led us backstage. At first we waited while Eric and Lyfe Jennings were talking. Then we went into the dressing room.

Eric was so warm and welcoming. He gave us big hugs, and was glad to see us. We took pictures. Eric showed us pictures and videos of his 3 girls. He’s such a proud papa. He was gracious, as always.

I hadn’t seen Eric since June. This my first show since my mother died. It was really good to see him. He gives the greatest hugs. It was a good night.

True Eric Benet Fan Danielle


Then Dallas


Music is the Word



A True Eric Benet Fan’s Appreciation of the Dallas Musical Adventure

It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out, TrueEBs. So even though I wasn’t going to make the show I wanted to at least have a bite and some laughs with my fellow TrueEBs Sonya, Kathy Tebf, Patrina, Sharon, and Gabriell. It was so nice to see you guys and meet Patrina. Thanks for the laughs and generosity. Thanks for the hug Pauletta.

It was my daughter Alexis’ first concert and opportunity to meet Eric Benet. She was so excited to tell him she’s listened to his music since she was 3 (for a 13 year old that’s a long time 😋) and that’s just when she remembers singing to Eric’s music he has musically been there throughout her life from the beginning 😄.

Even though we weren’t taking individual pictures Eric as always graciously posed with Alexis to capture the moment for her and engage her in small conversation.

I couldn’t have been prouder of both of them; not all entertainers will take the time to do that, especially when they are performing after night after night. I made sure she knew this was rare.

She has been so selfless helping me as we battle illness. It was so nice to see her smiling in a moment that was all about her. She always wanted to meet a celebrity. Thank you Eric Benet for making her night!

It was a good show and this time it was a different perspective. Instead of singing in the car with Alexis we were singing together in concert. It was sweet to see her singing “Chocolate Legs,” “Sometimes I Cry,” “Spend My Life With You,” “I Wanna Be Loved,” “You’re the Only One”. She knew the words, but between Leatha and me, let’s face it. the child didn’t have a chance.

She’s downloaded all his songs. It’s official. Eric made a new fan Friday night. Hopefully it won’t be 2-3 years until he comes back to Texas.

Jon B and Lyfe Jennings performed before Eric. I’ve not seen them in concert before it was a nice treat.

Friday’s Dallas Texas Show was truly sensational.

True Eric Benet Fan Comula



But we’re not finished

Then there’s Houston!


Eric on Periscope for your musical drop of fresh, cool water.

I got news for you1

Sometimes I Cry2

The ultimate in entertainment experiences

. . . . An EB party don’t stop.

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A TrueEB Valentine’s Weekend with Eric Benet

A Valentine’s Love Affair

Saturday, February 13, 2016


The Chicago Theatre


The man of the hour, Eric Benet, relaxes before the show.


True Eric Benet Fan, Donita, & hubby on their way to see His Musical Royalty “sang his face off”. LOL


The R&B Master and Singer, Jessica Jolia, poised for a breathtaking performance.


The Recap

by TrueEB La Shon

(Pictured below with His Musical Eminence)


Alright folks, y’all know how Eric get down…

Mad charismatic with the crowd, he let folks know he’s a MidWest kid that’s still humble.

“I’m gone come sit on the stage like I’m Sammy Davis and talk to y’all. I got my red socks on. Now wait, I cain’t let y’all see my legs… they ASHY!”

When he started “Sometimes I Cry”, a brotha nearby me started snapping…”You better sing! Sing that man!”

Eric claimed, “A lotta babies gone be made tonight. Some of y’all can pretend like y’all making babies.”


Introducing “News For You” Eric acknowledged Maurice White and talked about the Grammy’s lack of tribute to him.


He then brought up his first run to LA after he and Lisa got a deal. Said his A&R person pulled him to the side one day and told him to stop being so friendly. Said he had to be mysterious, that folks thought he was crazy. “What? Man I cain’t do that,” was Eric’s comeback. “I gotta be me.” Seems shaking hands, asking folks how they’re doing and what not wasn’t proper Hollyweird style.

Eric also acknowledged the fans for putting his songs on the charts.

TrueEB LaShonP


On the last song, Eric came through the pit seats and was dancing with folks. Emi got to dance with him! He then made his way up an aisle, hopped on a seat and kept singing. “If I fall, I’m gone sue.”

The great Eric Benet performance. The wonderful True Eric Benet Fans. The complete experience made braving the Chicago hawk totally worth the challenge.


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ERIC BENET – Coming To A Venue Near You

Saturday, February 13



With Babyface and Ledisi

The Chicago Theatre – Tickets


Thursday, February 25



The Coliseum Austin – Tickets


Friday, February 26



Music Hall at Fair Park Dallas – Tickets


Saturday, February 27



Arena Theatre Houston – Tickets


 April 16-17



Jazz & R&B Festival

ERIC BENET with: Big Gipp

And Many More

Clark County Amphitheatre Las Vegas – Tickets


ERIC BENET for your concert season.

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Resolve to be front & center at The Chicago Theatre for:

Eric Benet, Ledisi, & Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds!


Las Vegas

Two months later, in April, true to your resolution for the: 


Jazz & R&B Festival


And that’s not all!


The Jazz Cruise with Soul!

Is up in October with Eric Benet included in a fantastic line up:

Ledisi – IncognitoNick ColionneHoward HewettKen FordJazz Funk Soul ft. Jeff Lorber,  Chuck Loeb, & Everette HarpLee RitenourAngie Stone

And More!


Keep checking for concert updates.

2016 is bound to be a great EB year.

 Happy New Year


True Eric Benet Fans

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